The advent of the Internet and the advancements and enhancements in digital photography equipment has given a plenty of photographers an excellent opportunity in making money through selling stock photos online.


What does photos and royalty-free photos mean?


Prior to selecting royalty-free photos and selling stock online, it is essential to understand the main differences between these two. Royal-free photos are digital or print images being sold for only a one-time free. These are images and photos that are excluded from royalties or outstanding commission-like future earnings.


On the other hand, stock pictures are the images licensed for commercial use through newspapers, graphic artists, advertising agencies, graphic and website designers, magazines, among others. The photographer recollects the possession of the stock photos.


What kind of photographs can be sold online?


Stock images may fall into various categories like people, animals, or house items. Moreover, stock photography comes in different famous genres such as travel, medical, nature, sports stock photography among others. There are numerous of stock photographers that opt in finding a specific niche, specializing in a certain kind of digital image or photo.



How does a stock photography website work?


A rock photographer should apply to a stock photography website in order to become a contributor. The photography may now upload images in various sizes once the application is accepted. Some websites have predetermined price depending on the photo's size that will be uploaded, while there are some sites that permits photographers to have their own price. For more info about photography, visit


The payment policy or structure would vary depending on the stock photography website. For example, there are some sites that pay 25 cents for each photo download and once the earnings reached $500, the payment per image download increased to 30 cents. This is the existing payment policy or structure on stock photography websites that boast of lower and affordable prices. Therefore, these stock photo websites have a big client base.


Nevertheless, there are photography websites that pay on a percentage basis. For example, some websites would pay 20 percent of the download fee, with 40 percent fee settlement in case a digital image is exclusively sold by that website.



Obviously, the more images you contribute to the stock photo websites, the more money you will earn. In spirit, selling stock photographs online is definitely a fantastic way to earning money, no matter where you are and whenever you want while still doing something you love and enjoy which is photography.